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    Forget about those loose slips of paper, Post-its and notes scratched on booking sheets. ProCharter is a systematic approach to Charter Reservations and Operations. It will help you organise forward bookings and the day to day management of your fleet.

    The system is designed to give the operator the right information quickly! The system is well organised and easy to get around. The Booking is presented on screen in a way that encourages the operator to be systematic in collecting customer requests. The screen presentation also prompts the operator to ask for other services that the customer may have overlooked. At all times the operator can see the status of all-important indicators relevant to the charter.

    One philosophy of the system is to record the entire transaction between the customer and your organisation. This means that at any point you can trace the dialogue and requests and your own actions to ensure a charter without hitches.

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    Vessel Management screen shot

    Time & Vessel Management

    A colour coded visual planner of boats dates and times displays in various modes from 15 minutes up to a month at a glance. The operator can choose to view the bookings in a financial mode or mode that displays charters in terms of outstanding items for attention. The operator can manipulate the entries by drag & drop or stretching the booking period.

    Customer Database screen shot

    Customer Database

    Important Customer information can be stored including notes which can be alarmed for further action. This database forms the basis for future marketing initiatives.

    Agents Details screen shot

    Booking Agents Accounting

    Agentsí details, default and variable commissions can be captured and stored with the booking.

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    Accomodation area screen shot


    The Accommodation page gathers and organises the reservation and payment details for the accommodation component if it is required. This page also keeps track of sundry requests which charterers make from time to time (relevant to accom).

    Requests area screen shot


    This page gathers and organises sundry requests, such as hire cars, video equipment, DJís, etc. The page looks after ordering, notes, and payment of these requests to multiple suppliers.

    Transport area screen shot


    The transport page keeps track of transport and third party ticketing (such as Airline) for connecting travel. The page stores information suitable for the function of a licensed travel agent.

    Crew area screen shot

    Crew Availability & Duty Scheduling

    The crew page allocates personnel and their functions for particular charters.

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    Charter Ledger screen shot

    Charter Ledger.

    This page accounts for all financial details for the charter by boat movement. The page shows all charter fees, payments, cancellations, and refunds. The ledger is kept in Open Item style with sufficient narration so that it reads like a storybook.

    Cancellations screen shot


    A page has been devoted to cancellations of services due to the important and sensitive nature of this function. The functionality of the page is devoted to the issues such as cancellation fee and advises to the supplier if applicable.

    Refunds area screen shot


    A page has been devoted to refunds of services for any reason. The functionality of the page is devoted to the issues related to refunds such as partial refunds.

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    The following tutorial videos have been made to explain the various aspects of the system.

    NOTE: If you want to download these tutorials and view them later right click the link and select "Save Target As" or similar.

    Quickstart - Overview & Tutorialmodem (4.41 MB)
    broadband (9.11 MB)

    Availability - Notes & Tabsmodem (5.48 MB)
    broadband (8.78 MB)

    Charter Accountingmodem (2.55 MB)
    broadband (4.50 MB)

    Moving & Editing Availability Recordsmodem (3.44 MB)
    broadband (5.22 MB)

    Reporting Pointsmodem (4.48 MB)
    broadband (5.85 MB)

    Standard and Special Requestsmodem (3.08 MB)
    broadband (4.95 MB)

    User Definable Marketing Fieldsmodem (2.08 MB)
    broadband (3.34 MB)

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    Increase Profits

    Maximise every opportunity to add value to your services. Many of your customers will need the services you have but may not know (or thought of) these services.

    Maximise repeat and referral business through customer satisfaction. This is now possible by offering and delivering services which hither to difficult to organise.

    Efficient organisation of the booking sheet will free up staff for operational duties.

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    Improve Management

    Improve management of fleets by more easily allocating vessels to charters to maximise revenue of customer satisfaction.

    Charter fees by reporting Monies Due, and Forward Booking analysis.

    Agents by performance and commission due

    Special Requests from the customer

    Specific services offered by your organisation

    Manage The Load Factors

    "Bums on seats" is the name of the game. Filling the seats need not cost any extra money. If you have the right information... and are willing to use it. If you know that a month is looking a little "light" you can take some remedial action so that your boats are not left at the mooring!

    This system is all about "filling those seats" with customers who will return and refer additional business.

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    Minimum Configuration

    • Celeron 500Mz
    • 64 Mb Memory
    • 1.2 Gb Hard Disk
    • 15" Monitor (17" is great for the planner)
    • CD-Rom
    • Win95 or 98
    • Modem + (Nortons) PCAnywhere
    • Internet Access

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